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Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

Updated: May 27, 2022

You’re engaged - you’re about to embark on arguably the biggest planning journey of your life!

The venue, flowers, attire, catering and so much more.

One of the biggest pieces of your planning process is deciding which tasks to hire out and which things (if any) you want to do yourself. Let’s stop right there - your wedding day makeup (and hair) is not one of those things to DIY - trust us. Doing your own makeup on your big day involves testing the right look, using the right products that have longevity and photograph well, executing the application flawlessly and ensuring your masterpiece shows up lasts all day…that’s a ton of pressure!

That pressure, on top of all the other things you have going on day-of, is just one of the many reasons hiring a professional makeup artist is so important on your wedding day.

Here are a few others:

They know how to help you prepare your skin.

Your skin is the canvas you apply makeup to, so obviously having that canvas in the best condition possible makes the end product so much better.

We’ve all probably struggled with seasons of dry skin where makeup cakes on and then flakes off, making the less-than-desirable base so apparent. On the flip side, you’ve probably also struggled with oily areas on your face (or maybe your skin is oily overall) and had to deal with that dreaded sheen that shows up a few hours after applying your makeup.

This is why skin preparation is so important! A professional will know exactly when you should exfoliate, nourish and moisturize your skin to get the best possible outcome for your big day. We can also recommend a proper skin care regime leading up to your wedding day so your skin is in its best condition.

They know what products to use.

It’s not just the process you go through to prepare your skin, but also the products used that can make or break the wedding day glow.

A professional makeup artist can help select the best products for your skin - both in preparation for your big day and on the actual day. Choosing professional-quality products ensures your skin is protected and prepped in the best possible way. Professional makeup artists also know what products to use in certain scenarios (outdoor wedding vs. indoor wedding) and different climates (humid vs. dry). This leads us to our next point…

They know what makes the best photos.

Wearing a thick, full-coverage foundation in a hot, humid climate is most likely going to end with your makeup melting off before you say, “I do”. Likewise, a light, powdered option may not work well in a dry, arid climate where your skin is desperate for more moisture. And all of this will show up in your photos!

So let's talk about photos. We’ve all heard, “the camera adds 10 lbs,” but did you know that reflective particles in makeup can show up differently on camera than they do to the naked eye? That your sweep of bronzer may actually show up as a stiff line through the lens? Or that your shimmery eye-shadow might actually make capturing your eyes more difficult?

Professional makeup artists know which products to use, when to use them and how to use them best for photographs - which is of immense value on (perhaps) the biggest day of your life!

They are trained in their craft.

There is an entire generation who learned to apply makeup through YouTube. While that is a hugely useful tool for the average makeup consumer, it does not equate to the proper training needed by a professional makeup artist in applying makeup to paying clients. First and foremost, the makeup artist should be properly trained in proper sanitation protocols to ensure your health and safety. Typically this is taught in cosmetology or esthetician school along with proper licensure. Read more about what to look for in a hair and/or makeup artist here. Outside of school, makeup artists should be trained on color theory, foundation matching and product and ingredient knowledge on a number of skin types, textures, tones and more. This is often not taught in school, rather learned on the job. Most artists start out at a beauty counter in a store or serve as an assistant for an established makeup artist to learn these important skills on a wide variety of clients.

Once they are established in their business, it is important to constantly learn new skills and techniques through a variety of classes and workshops.

Most importantly, they listen to you and help you look your best

Professional makeup artists who are trained in their craft use professional products and techniques so that you look your absolute best on your big day and in photographs of that day. But even more importantly, they listen to you and your priorities and help make that come alive!

About Naturally You Makeup Artistry

Naturally You Makeup Artistry is a collective team of independent hairstylists and makeup artists serving the Kansas City area, Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas for weddings and events. With more than 16 years of experience in the bridal and beauty industry, owner Melissa Chesnut has earned The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” from 2018-2022, including the coveted Hall of Fame award, and was also named in the Top Three Makeup Artists in Kansas City by Wed KC. Most recently, Naturally You was also nominated for Hairstylist of the Year, Company of the Year, and Makeup Artist of the Year in the Kansas City Wedding Vendor Choice Awards by Wed KC.

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