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Wedding Dos & Don'ts

As a professional hair & makeup team, one of the biggest things we share with our clients is how to prepare their skin and/or hair for their wedding day. It is easy to scroll through Pinterest and pick out styles and looks that are PERFECT. But a key component of those looks is how you prepare your skin and hair for styling and makeup application. Products go a long way, as we discussed in our last blog, “Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist”, but there are still some generic steps you can take to help achieve the look you want.

There are some must-dos, as well as some big no-nos to avoid, in order to make your wedding day glam-up perfection… and we want to share a few of those with you!


  1. Schedule your hair preview 1-2 months before your wedding

    1. This gives you time to nail down your desired look or make changes if you decide that the look you’ve been eyeing just isn’t going to work out. This also allows you time to order extensions or hair accessories, if necessary.

  2. Get your hair trimmed and colored a few weeks before your wedding

    1. While you won’t want your roots completely grown out, making any changes right before your wedding is never advised.

    2. Often if you have long hair, the hair framing your face is long as well. That may not look the best if you want some face-framing pieces for an updo. Ask your stylist to trim some pieces so it is shorter on the wedding day.

  3. Wash Your Hair the Night Before

    1. Clean hair that hasn’t had any heat treatment is the best canvas for your stylist to use.

  4. Avoid the Flat Iron

    1. Using a flat iron to straighten your hair makes getting those curls (which 99% of wedding hairstyles consist of) much harder to achieve. Skip the flat iron and show up to your styling spot ready to be pampered.

  5. Prepare an SOS Kit

    1. Stylists do their best to secure every strand, and you will be amazed at just how many bobby pins can be placed in one updo. Be prepared with a few extras so you can maintain your look all night long!


  1. Wedding Week Prep

    1. Schedule a facial with dermaplaning and brow wax a week to 10 days before your wedding - fresh, smooth skin makes your makeup application look flawless.

  2. Avoid New Products

    1. Don't try any new masks or facial products the week of your wedding to avoid any adverse reactions or breakouts. To point #1 above, don’t schedule your facial or waxing too close to the wedding day.

  3. Hydrate + Rest

    1. Despite all your planning, you will probably still face some stress or anxiety the week of your wedding. To help combat that stress (and keep it from manifesting on your skin), prioritize drinking plenty of water and getting adequate rest.

    2. Hydration is crucial to balanced skin, so this step is extra important when preparing for your big day!

  4. Day Of: Keep it Simple

    1. While you may be tempted to bring out the skincare powerhouses, we suggest sticking to a gentle cleanser and moisturizer on your wedding day. This will give you a nice, balanced palette for your makeup artist to work with.

  5. Keep Shine at Bay

    1. Another thing to add to your SOS Kit is a light, translucent powder. Having a lightweight powder to dab onto those shiny spots (that are sure to appear as the day goes on) will help preserve your perfect wedding look!

About Naturally You Makeup Artistry

Naturally You Makeup Artistry is a collective team of independent hairstylists and makeup artists serving the Kansas City area, Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas for weddings and events. With more than 16 years of experience in the bridal and beauty industry, owner Melissa Chesnut has earned The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” from 2018-2022, including the coveted Hall of Fame award, and was also named in the Top Three Makeup Artists in Kansas City by Wed KC. Most recently, Naturally You was also nominated for Hairstylist of the Year, Company of the Year, and Makeup Artist of the Year in the Kansas City Wedding Vendor Choice Awards by Wed KC.

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