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12 Days of Christmas Beauty

Our Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Top Beauty Picks for the Holiday Season!

"This foundation has buildable coverage, lasts all day and will leave the skin with a natural dewy glow. 10/10!" - Makeup Artist Kaelee

"Both systems are for all hair types. They encourage a healthy scalp, repair and prevent hair damage to promote healthier faster growing and thicker hair." - Hairstylist Brittany

"I love this as a finishing spray(not to be confused with a setting spray)! It helps melt powders and products into the skin. It’s also great to refresh your makeup throughout the day!" - Makeup Artist Kevyn

"It is super refreshing and wakes you and your skin up! I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t look as dull and feels tighter! Super great step in my skincare routine! - Makeup Artist Kayla

"A perfect light primer for makeup that will hydrate and brighten skin! Bonus, it smells like watermelons!" - Makeup Artist Alyssa

"It’s super easy to use and has a soft finish for natural looking brows. It’s waterproof and is my SAVING GRACE as a babe with sparse eyebrows." - Makeup Artist Bailey

"This brush cleanser leaves your makeup brushes cleaner and more hygienic than ever before." - Owner & Makeup Artist Melissa

"Joico's Humidity Blocker is my favorite hairspray! It's lightweight and moveable but will hold your curl! I only wash my hair once a week and I can use it daily without buildup." - Hairstylist Skylar

"Recover-X works by rapidly increasing the body’s production of orthosilicic acid (OSA) while also drawing in moisture from the air to create a hydrating, rejuvenating environment.

> Reduce redness, irritation & swelling

> Repair damaged and scarred skin

> Fade dark spots and even tone

> Smooth skin texture

> Boost hydration by 130%"

- Makeup Artist Brittany

"This leave-in conditioner spray is great for people with fine and thick hair without weighing your hair down. The spray makes your hair feel so soft and hydrated and it helps with detangling hair. One of my favorite universal hair products for every hair type." - Hairstylist Tiffany

"This is my fav product to add to my sensitive skin routine and makeup prep. It helps your dry skin feel normal again with added hydration, relief from dehydration and redness, plus improved texture so that makeup lays beautifully on top.

The result is a more hydrated, dewy complexion in just one application."

- Makeup Artist Roberta

​"Want a foolproof way to easily take off your eye makeup? Use my favorite product, eye makeup remover!" - Owner & Makeup Artist Melissa

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